Meet our Earth Goddess, Yanina Velez. She has been part of the Rescue Earth family since 2009.

Yanina has obtained a Bachelor Degree at Florida International University -School of Mass Communications and Journalism, an Associates in Arts Degree from Miami Dade College and a Realtors Associates Degree from the Association of Realtors in Florida. Yanina is a journalist, reporter, Real Estate entrepreneur, TV personality, dancer and international Haute Couture model based in Miami Beach, Florida.

As a journalist, Yanina has more than 7 years of experience, some of her publications include a Rescue Earth environmental column at GENTE magazine in Miami, a health/lifestyle column in Belleza&Mas, New York City and published articles for Miami Dade College Newspaper. Yanina’s news reporting were feature in Miami Dade College TV Series. She is the CEO and Marketing Director of her Real Estate company based in Miami Beach, Florida.

Yanina’s works for Rescue Earth include environmental columns, campaigns, photoshoots, news reporting, interviews, volunteering work, social media outreach, marketing and public relations related causes among others.


In 2007 Yanina was chosen by Univsion Network to form part of the legendary show “Sabado Gigante”- where for three years she worked and learned from the world’s iconic TV Host “Don Francisco.” Yanina’s compelling attractivess and charisma caused a big impact on the show’s fans. She began to receive letters from all over the States and visits from her fans at Univision’s studio. Yanina’s first magazine cover  and biography was published on and Don Francisco introduced her live on the show. Yanina was named the offical Red Carper model for “Premios Lo Nuetsro” in 2010 & 2011. She has been invited to The Billboard Awards, Premio lo Nuestro, Premio Juventud and the Latin Grammies. She was chosen to do fashion magazines spreads in Miami and New York City. One in specific for  fashion icon Nicolas Felizola who chose her to be the face of his collection “Maria Bonita.”  In 2011 she was chosen by internationally renowned artist Kevin Berlin to be painted for his upcoming collection featured in Art Basel. Yanina continues to pursue her dreams but she is completely devoted to her main passion which has always been helping others.


Save all kids from hunger in the world.