Julian has been involved with Rescue Earth since he was a Freshman at Christopher Columbus High School in Miami, Florida.  His responsibilities during High School were centered around the coastal clean up projects. He organized several initiatives that helped clean up the coasts of South Florida, particularly in the Key Biscayne area.  He was able to get strong participation from classmates and friends, and contribute back to our society through community service.

Julian attends the Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, P.A.  He is currently a Junior completing a year abroad of studies at Oxford University in England.  Julian will return to Franklin & Marshall College in August of 2014 to complete his senior year of College.  He is expected to graduate with a B.A. in American Studies in 2015.

His plans are to attend Law School.  While in College and abroad, Julian has continued to be involved with Rescue Earth.  He is dedicated to helping Rescue Earth formulate mailing lists, generate ideas for fund raising, and helps in the overall management of the office.